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Isi & Ossi on NETFLIX
10 January, 2020

Isi & Ossi on NETFLIX

"Isi & Ossi"

a NETFLIX ORIGINAL FILM airs February 14, 2020

Cinematography by our DoP YOSHI HEIMRATH

Right on time for Valentines Day, Netflix launches another German Netflix Production.

Isi & Ossi – a romantic comedy about a millionaire’s daughter and the stranded boxer Ossi.

Starting out as a win-win relationship in order to achieve their personal goals they both soon come to realize that there is more to discover than money, life and career.


Directed by Oliver Kienle (“Die Vierhändige”) and produced by Netflix and X-Filme Creative Pool (“Babylon Berlin”, “Cloud Atlas”)

Cinematography by our DoP Yoshi Heimrath

Cast: a.o. Lisa Vicari, Dennis Mojen

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